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If you are ordering a firearm or AR15 Lower Receiver please follow these steps:

Failure to follow this guide may result in additional order delays

California Customer Prerequisite:

You MUST contact your dealer PRIOR to placing an order to ensure the legality of the firearm you are wanting to purchase.

Step 1:
Check to see if your preferred local dealer is already on file:
(This locator may not open properly on mobile devices)

Enter your ZIP Code:

(The Zip Code cannot have spaces entered before or after it in order to search properly)
If your dealer is already on file, sigh with relief. This is going to be easy! You can stop after step 2!

If your dealer is not on file, no worries! Submitting a new dealer is not hard. Make sure to follow all of the steps listed below.

Step 2:
When you checkout with a firearm in your cart, you will need to put YOUR credit card billing address in the billing address section. Make sure that you have NOT checked the boxed notating your billing and shipping addresses are the same.

In the shipping fields, put YOUR first and last name in the shipping address name fields, as many dealers prefer to have the customer’s name on the outside of the box. Then put THEIR information in the “company” and “address” fields. The business fax # is not required.

At this point please double check your order for accuracy, and then enter in your payment information on our secured checkout page and hit “Place Order

Step 3:
Please have your local FFL dealer send us their license ASAP to ensure no delays with your order. The best way to further ensure no delays with your order is to make sure your dealer references your order # and/or name when submitting the FFL license. The dealer can send the license by emailing it to :

If your dealer requires a copy of our license or verification of us being a valid FFL holder, they can email us at or call and request a fax at (636) 633-3997

Once your order has been shipped you will receive email tracking updates. If there is a problem with your order, or there was an issue with submitting the FFL license, we will contact you to ensure your order ships out ASAP.

When your firearm arrives at your FFL dealer’s location, you will be able to fill-out the background check at that time. Please contact your local dealer if you have any questions regarding the legalities of owning a firearm BEFORE you order, as laws do vary by state.

Once an FFL dealer is added to our files, we keep them on file for easier checkouts in the future. Thank you for using our how to order a firearm guide“How to Guide.

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